Hey guys so if you could like my new Jennifer Greenwood page!

facebook.com/stopfakingjennifergreenwood :) thanks!

Anonymous asked: “There is this girl faking my bestfriend on FB. Shes going around telling people to think that her mother is dead when she is not and she making my friend look like a total slut. Her user name is "Christina Black"”

thank you!

babygirlswager12 asked: “I know this is weird but my picture isn't me can you help me find out who it is?”


Anonymous asked: “kirby carnage real facebook?”

I honestly have no clue

Anonymous asked: “Dee Ash-Wright has dozens of accounts.... is it possible see if it's fake, since she only uses pics from favim, tumblr, russian sites, etc and NEVER showed her real pic, just her kid(?)... Can we trace her real account or name?”

yeah it is!

Anonymous asked: “Lea Bilan, what are all her real accounts?”

insta: leanicolee

twitter: lea_nicolee

Anonymous asked: “Who is you profile picture of?”

Thanks for asking three times, Shannon Sweezy

Anonymous asked: “i found this girl name candie cane and she looks fake because she has disney starts on her profile so i just wanna know here's the profile. Facebook/flytomevv my friend said that the girl is mostly famous on get me rated”

okay thanks!

kennedykaybaby asked: “help me get my name out ? I'm a site model. (:”


Anonymous asked: “You do know Jeydon Wale, isnt a sitemodel and was never one lmao. You're really stupid for putting his name up there.”

I know he wasnt, Im not gonna fucking go through all the names and write who was and wasnt one, k shutup

Anonymous asked: “do you have elissa's real accounts???”

elissa who?

Anonymous asked: “missy locke real profiles?”


her facebook

Anonymous asked: “help me get a fake deletd of taylor parks?”

sure thing!

Anonymous asked: “What is Whitney Vanhorns, and Jenny Greenwood's real accounts?”

Whitney Vanhorn:



SHE WONT ADD YOU ON FB; she also has an instagram

Jenny Greenwood:



SHE ALSO WONT ADD YOU ON FB & has a private instagram